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The activity of the company in the Market is presented through a wide range of services, in the context of Project Management out of which the following activities should be pointed out:

Project Management
General Assessorship to the Client (Project | Work Owner) | Development of Management Models and Information Systems | Project Coordination | Tender Coordination, Supplies and Rendering of Services | General Coordination and Work Supervision | Quality Auditorships | Inspections and Acceptance of the Works

Management of Call for Tenders
Chronogram of activities | Advertisement, Contract specifications, Call for Tenders Programs | Project Work Quantity Analysis and Evaluation | Invitations | Pre-qualification of Competitors | Organization and secretaryship of Call for Tenders Public Sessions | Clarifications to the competitors | Comparative analysis and evaluation of the proposals | Reports | Assessorship to the Client in negotiation procedures with the competitors | Juridical support to the Client in the drafting and celebration of Contracts of Tender and Rendering of Services

Engineering Consultancy
Project Coordination : Quality Plans | Follow-up Meetings | Reports and Technical Notes | Auditorships |
Project Revisions : Quality Plans | Follow-up Meetings | Reports and Technical Notes | Auditorships |
Auditorships and Technical Expert Inspections : Surveys | Inspections and Essays | Reports | Technical Advices and Notes | Technical MeetingsvDue Diligence

Work Coordination and Supervision
Development of Information Systems | Development of Quality Systems | Control of Planning and Deadlines | Control of the Construction Quality | Costs Control | Equipment Supply and Assembly Control | Development of Management Systems and Control of Safety Conditions | Administrative Control | Environmental Control | Assessorship to the Client | Meetings | Technical Notes | Advices | Reports

Work General Quality Management
Development and Management of Quality Systems and Guarantee of Quality | Quality Guarantee General Plans (“P.G.G.Q”)vQuality Plans divided by Areas | Inspection and Essay Plans | Auditorships to Quality Systems | Production of Quality Checking Records and related evidences | LNEC Quality Brand Manager (Law “Dec.-Lei n.º 310/90” of 01.10.1990”)