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Certifications and Awards

The Quality System of Cinclus - Project Management, S.A., implemented in the Management of the Engineering Rendering of Services, on the Venture/Project Technical Management area, is certified by APCER according to ISO 9001, since 1996.

Since May 1995 Cinclus is classified as a General Manager of LNEC Quality Brand; currently, Cinclus obtained the highest scores in the three different categories:

  • Buildings and Monuments
  • Roads and Urbanization Works
  • Hydraulic Works

The improvement process of the Quality System of Cinclus continued in 2010, trying to obtain certifications according to Regulation NP EN ISO 14001 – Systems for Environmental Management and Regulation OHSAS 18001 – Systems for Managing Safety and Health at Work. This process finished with Cinclus receiving two new certifications in September 2011.