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Company's History

CINCLUS - Project Management, S.A. is a company specialized in Project Management and Planning, having as objective providing services in the area of Coordination, Planning and Control of the several stages of a Project.

The company was founded by SONAE Group in 1983, having as objective the construction of Porto Sheraton Hotel. Once this construction was ended, the company continued working in the sphere of SONAE Group, increasing and developing its experience in the market outside that Group.

In 2007, a Management Buy-In was performed by a group of professionals of the Engineering Consultancy Sector, leading to the acquisition of the Company.

In October 2008 CINCLUS was awarded with the status of PME Leader. This status is awarded to those companies that, due to their skills of performance and risk profile, are considered as being part of the basis of the Portuguese national economy, by pursuing solid growth strategies and competitive leadership.

Since May 1995 Cinclus is classified as a General Manager of LNEC Quality Brand; currently, Cinclus obtained the highest scores in the three different categories:

- Buildings and Monuments
- Roads and Urbanization Works
- Hydraulic Works

In July 2009 CINCLUS was awarded with the status of PME Excellency 2009 (PME Excelência), as a result of the recognition of adopting the correct type of management which provides an adequate risk profile, in line with the present economic and financial situation, based on a duly planned and successfully implemented strategy; this status was renewed in December 2010 with the award of PME Excellency 2010.

On the 21st of March, 2010, CINCLUS reached its 1,000 awarded Project, since its foundation.

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